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Yay and Nay

Hi, all! I settled in all right at my new place and I'm loving it! It's a large city with lots to do and many nearby places to shop, walk, go to the movies, you name it. I can say I'm going to love my new life. It's near a bus terminal so I can get anywhere I want.

I haven't heard from my new job except for: "You can relax and settle in, we WILL hire you. Just let us talk to ourselves to have an idea of classes available and we'll be in touch." So I'm waiting.

The awful bit is that I'm totally and completely broke. I still haven't got what I'm due because the ministry of work works at a turtle's pace and with the current crisis assailing the country, they are fully booked this month with people who have lost their jobs. I have two expensive bills to pay and I've used up all that I could from my bank account. I'm half-way from maxing my credit card, money I use with groceries so I can have something to eat. I really don't know what else to do.

I've thought a lot about it and decided to auction my Jason Momoa and Sylvester McCoy autographs. I'll start here on Livejournal and see how it goes. Click here to see the picture:


I'll give it until Monday 12pm (BRT). Message me with a bid and the highest bid until then will take it. If I don't get any bids here I'll move the auction somewhere like eBay. Feel free to link this post on your LJ or any comms you like, it's not f-locked.
SPN: Cas in panic!mode

Comic Con Experience 2015

Can you believe it's been a year since the first CCXP in Brazil? This year's was even more epic. I only went on Sunday, so I didn't watch any pannels besides Misha Collins and I didn't have money for an autograph or photo op, but it was still incredible. I didn't get to see David Tennant because he was only there on Friday and even so his pannel was cut in half by Netflix and he didn't get to say anything (Netflix claimed it was because some of his fans were misbehaving, standing up and breaking rules, but I was't there so I don't know what happened - some people I know and were there said it was not the case).

The Misha pannel was worth the whole trip. He's the nicest person on the planet. No words can describe that man. He's funny, handsome, cute...

I won't really write much because I'm short on time and the school is about to close. I still didn't have time to upload the photos so I'll post a vid and a pic.

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Life? What life?

What does it mean when you can't find inspiration to even write livejournal posts anymore?

The only thing that I've been doing is watch way too many TV series. Let me see if I can remember them all: Gotham, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., iZombie, Arrow, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0, Doctor Who, and Once Upon a Time, and those are just the ones currently airing. I also have to think about Supergirl. I was thinking about starting one more but I guess it's not good idea, so I haven't even thought of which. I also wanted to re-watch The X-Files, but it has quite a *few* episodes, so maybe not so soon. Besides that, I still haven't finished watching Sliders.

Don't expect me to write a review about each of them because that's not gonna happen. I love them all and I'm not overly critical about any of them. I just have to stress how much I'm impressed about season 2 of Gotham. I didn't think it could get this good. It. Is. Amazing! Other ones that are great and better than I imagined would be are The Flash, Arrow, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but in general I love them all.

I'm also really impressed with Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi is better than ever but I think Clara, even though I like her, has passed her time to go. She had her run and we urgently need new blood to be in awe of the brand new universe of Doctor Who. I think she shouldn't even have returned for this series. She's too old and too used to stuff (danger) by now. I really loved that woman from today's episode delighted about the TARDIS being bigger on the inside. I want more of that. I just hope Clara's exit is a good one, and I'm looking forward to that.

BTW, still loving Star Trek Continues. I. NEED. MORE. EPISODES. It's torture.

Anyway, Is anyone still even reading this journal? *knocks on screen* Anyone?
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Comic Com Experience São Paulo 2014

Before I start, I still haven’t posted the cards, sorry. I barely have time to breathe lately. I’ll try to do it this week.

Okay, Comic Con Experience. It was EPIC! I only went on Sunday, even though it was a 4-day event, but I actually have a life, so, bummer. The pics talk for themselves. I was actually really surprised by how big it was for a first-time event in Brazil. I woke up at 4:30 to get the 5:15am bus to São Paulo. I got down at the first subway station it passes and went the rest of the way by subway. They had vans to take people for free from the nearest station to CCXP and I arrived just in time to get the first ones to leave. It was just a 5-minute ride. Walking would have taken twenty minutes top.

When I arrived there was already lots of people there, so I kissed any chance to watch The Hobbit premiere goodbye. I heard that at night, it was already packed. There were HUGE lines. I had to wait for more than one hours for the gates to open. There must have been more than 5,000 people waiting in line by the time it opened. I don’t know for sure because I was inside, but people said that the outside was equally full of people.

I took lots of pics, but not as many as I could have. I prefer to see things instead of taking pictures all the time. I also didn’t take the huge lines to have pictures taken at some places like the Iron Throne, the TARDIS, etc, etc. Everything was really organized, there were lines to get in line. Really, there was. The line to enter the auditorium was full, so another line was organized to get into that line.

I was actually glad I didn’t get to see the movie. The biggest complaint from people was how getting into the auditorium was disorganized. Over 150 seats were empty because they wanted to start the movie at the stipulated time and they closed the doors before filling the room. Also, the auditorium wasn’t stadium and was basically just a large room full of chairs and a screen that wasn’t as big as it should have been. I think I wouldn’t have liked to experience the movie like that. In addition to that, the movie is nearly 3 hours long and if I had watched, I wouldn’t have been able to see everything I wanted.

Highlights of the day was meeting Timothy Zhan. I read the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy well over ten years ago and it is one of the best expanded universe books, so it was a joy. It was the official release of the Portuguese version of Heir to the Empire and I got my copy signed.

After this, I lined up for the Warner panel. There were lots of trailers and exclusive content for the new Mad Max movie. It looks really good. After that panel was Jason Momoa’s. Oh, the biggest highlight. He’s so nice! The best part was the instant translation on screen which avoided that annoying problem of having the interviewer translating everything to the public. At the time to answer questions, he said he wanted to see people’s faces and came down from the stage to talk to the people personally. It was a mess. People stood up, left their seats and he could barely walk. Security didn’t like it, the cameramen hated it because they couldn’t find him in the crowd and the interviewer kept trying to get him to get on stage again, but he didn’t, lol.

Mostly there was talk of Aquaman with a lot of Game of Thrones, but Stargate was mentioned a couple of times. He said that he loved working on Stargate and how sad it was when it was over but that was mostly it of SGA. There were only a handful of people who weren’t there for GoT. He said he would like Zack Snyder to direct the movie, he still didn't read a script and that he's commited to four movies. He ganranteed, Aquaman would be awesome as hell. But most of his answers was that he either didn't know or couldn't tell. As for GoT, he talked about the difficulties and challenge of playing a character with few lines, and which those few lines are actually in another language. He said he's rooting for Daenerys at the end. He told how he got his role on Baywatch and a bit about Hawaii.

After that, I went to get my autograph with him. I missed the lineup for the photo because I was in the Warner panel. No problem, the photo was too expensive anyway. OMG! Is he handsome and big!

I ended up buying way too many books and I could barely carry the bag back home, lol. How am I going to read it all?

Overall, it was worth every penny, even though I am extremely poor now. Now, I’ll start saving money for next year, from December 3 to 6, 2015.



Sorry, I recorded some videos, but the sound was really so awful it is beyond comprehension. I'll wait until they post the official vids.
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My First Con

Yaaaaayyyy!!! I went to my first con on the weekend! It was Brasil Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday, but I only went on Sunday because of $$$ reasons. To tell you the truth I wasn't even going to go but then they announced Sylverster McCoy and it was all downhill from there. I faced a period of identity crisis with much chocolate being consumed until I made the decision on Wednesday and decided to send it all to hell and GO. Not only that, but I also ended up clicking on the Photo Op button and my credit card number just typed itself and, er... well...

I went by bus, all alone because people didn't want to go with me because of $$$ reasons. I arrived and there was a line forming but it wasn't all that big and it was going pretty fast. There was much walking, much shopping looking and a little photographing. A little before lunch I found my friend Thais and her bf Freddy, owners of the Doctor Who Brasil website, and we walked a bit together.

But the highlight of the day was the Seventh Doctor himself. He arrived around 2pm while we were waiting for the cosplay contest to start. I realized there was suddenly a commotion, people started screaming and when I looked at the corridor, there he was, walking and going backstage. First impression, he is small. Like, really short.

His panel was pure love. He's just so lovely, fun and nice. He's a cute grandpa you just want to hug forever. He told some stories from his day filming Doctor Who, and filming The Hobbit. I'll write down what I can remember.

He was asked what was like to film back in the day when there wasn't computer special effects. He said they had to do it all real and there was a lot of explosions and they had one take to do it right. He talked about one scene in which here was a massive explosion and he was supposed to walk away from it, he couldn't run and he couldn't blink. When it went off, he sad it was like WWII blowing up behind him, he could feel the heat and he didn't know if his coat was on fire, but he needed to get the shot, so he walked, didn't blink and said that his thought at the time was, I don't care if I burn, I just need to get this shot before I go. It turns out he wasn't on fire and he did get the shot.

Another one he said was the explosion on Waterloo Station. It was on the anniversary of something related to the IRA and the police was expecting something from them, so the production warned them about the filming and the explosion. Problem was the police didn't tell anyone else. When the explosion happened, windows exploded, there was people panicking, sirens and fire trucks arriving and rumors that the IRA attacked Waterloo Station. He said the best part was when the firemen arrived and out from the smoke three Daleks came out. He said the Daleks were speaking in Irish accent though. LOL.

He talked about filming the action scenes in The Hobbit. He said everything was green screen everywhere and people wearing green. The Sled was on a platform a two or three feet above the ground, green padding everywhere and below the padding was either concrete or the controls to make the sled move. Very well, he had to do his takes on top of it all moving like crazy and hold on for dear life so he wouldn't fall. For one of the takes they took out the padding to put a camera on the floor to get a shot from below. They got that shot and went back to the close ups. He had to do a large double take but he went too far and ended up falling onto the floor. Problem was, they forgot to put the padding back and he fell from the top of the raised platform on hard concrete floor. He said he felt his whole body vibrate from the impact, his brain shaking inside his skull, all in slow motion and somehow, someone from the crew threw himself from behind and managed to hold his head before it touched the ground. He said he must have been a rugby player.

He also talked about filming the scene with the hedgehog. He said that set was all real and the only CGI thing was the hedgehog, but he filmed using a stuffed one. He was asked about improp and how much room there was for it while making such a big epic. He said that PJ is very specific about what he wants and that he will do 30 takes to get that, but he got to put in some of his own stuff in that scene. One of them was the part he takes the pulse from the hedgehog and the part some dust blows on his face. He said he was really happy he would get a whole scene just with him alone in a giant movie screen and in 3D of all things so he was acting away putting all he had into that scene. Until he saw WETA's finished product with their beautiful animated hedgehog stealing away all his scene! He repeatedly said how much he hates that hedgehog, lol.

When asked about what was his inspiration when he was young, he said he wanted to be a pope and he studied to be a priest and he wanted to come to South America as a missionary. He had to finish his studies in school first and for his last year he had to go to a co-ed school and decided he preferred to chase away skirts instead of wearing one.

The best moment was when he decided to go down to answer fan questions. He walked in the middle of everyone, talked to us and he stood right in front of me for a while, since I was in one of the front rows (VIP pass really *is* nice - totally worth the debt I now have to pay).

I had my photo op with him *_* and got an autograph! Such a magical moment! He's just so nice! He thanked each and every person who went in, hugged people, he's such a gentleman. There aren't enough words to describe him. I spent more money that I ever did in anything other than my cell phone and my laptop, but it was worth every penny. Christmas bonus, I'm going to need you, because cons are my new addiction.

Well, there is much more I'm forgetting, but you can check my FB album and a small video. I hope the links work.

There will be Comic Con Experience in December and I already bought my ticket, but I'll only go on Sunday, because I'm already way -waaaaay- poorer from this one. RICHARD ARMITAGE WILL BE THERE ON SUNDAY FOR THE BRAZILIAN PREMIERE OF BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES!!! OMG!!! Wish me luck!
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I'm alive and disappointed

Hi all. I'm still alive. I don't drop by anymore even to just have a look at my friends page. Sorry. I've been working 12 hours straight from Monday to Saturday and now I've got two students on Sunday. I don't mind working so much, I love it. I just hate the fact that I get little recognition for it, money wise.

I'm actually just passing by to register my major disappointment over the result of the election. The country has never been so divided in history and the result was literary on a vote by vote basis. The north re-elected the president while in the entire south in weight voted against her (more against her than in favor of the opposite candidate but that just shows how badly she is ignoring every single issue the country faces).

I'm seriously pissed off right now. >:(
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FIC: A Chance Encounter

I forgot to post it here.

Title: A Chance Encounter
Author: x_erikah_x
Fandom: Being Human UK, Highlander The Series
Rating: PG
Character: Hal, Alex, Tom, Duncan MacLeod
Genre: Crossover
Word count: 2069
Disclamer: Being Human and Highlander belong to their respective owners.
Spoilers: Set during season 5 of Being Human and anywhere in Highlander. Spoilers only for the Alex Unfinished Business episodes.

Summary: Tom and Hal decide that Alex should be wooed in Paris Paris, not wooed in Paris on Barry Island. Hal just does not expect to be recognized by someone that should have died a hundred years before.

On AO3
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Fuck this shit

I'm gonna be a turn coat and go with Argentina this time. Let's put that final nail and complete the humiliation. We'll never hear the end of it if they actually win. We already have joke material for the rest of eternity without having to hear how they are in final and we are not.

Also, I never laughed so hard in my life like yesterday. That game was a joke. Those players were a joke. My jaw was actually hurting by the end of the game. Spent the whole game online and each joke is better than the other. And I'm looking forward to see that news presenter doing his news program in his undies. (He was stupid enough to promise that on national tv in case Brazil lost and he already said he fulfills his promises.)

Kudos for Germany. Even though it was rather annoying that they kept apologizing. They won a game. A well deserved win. Do not apologize as if you have bombarded our capital by accident.

Sorry, Holland, I did try and supported you guys for a great portion of the game, but I really DO want to see Argentina win. But I'll be supporting you guys on Saturday. You deserve it.
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