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08 December 2012 @ 10:26 am
The Sims 3: Castaway's Diary  
This is a The Sims 3 Legacy post. Well, more of a story than a real legacy. I'm not very good in following up several generations of sims because I get bored of them so I wanted to tell kind of a different story. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you can totally skip this post.

As the name says, this is a castaway story. I'm playing with a few expansions and a few stuff packs. I set the season for Summer forever and deactivated NPCs (using Twallan's mod), vampires and celebrities. The island is bakafox's Build an Arrrrland found in MTS and the themed objects are lhawk07's Castaway Packs from 1 to 4 plus clothes.

The story is set in a time when ships still had sails. It features two sims:

Amelia chester. maid. young adult.

marcus tyler. sailor. young adult.

Day 1

Amelia opened her eyes. Her eyes began watering so she blinked a few times to adjust to the brightness.

She saw a deep blue sky with no clouds.

What happened?

She blinked again. Her head was a fog. She remembered a storm. A storm in the ocean. She remembered voices. Voices shouting commands about sails, wrong headings and abandon ship.

She sat up and contemplated her surroundings.

A beach, some trees.

She looked to the other side.

More beach. More trees. Some rocks.

Suddenly she was afraid. Wherever she was, it was not where she was supposed to be.

The immensity of the ocean was in front of her. It struck her deep down in her stomach. She looked at the wrecks around her and images of lightning strikes cutting through the dark night flashed before her eyes.

A boat. There had been a boat. A boat and…

She got up and looked from side to side again. Marcus.

Where was Marcus?

She was sure he had been there with her in the boat. She distinctly remembered him now. He had saved her life.

She shouted his name. The sound of the waves was strong and the vastness of the beach made her voice fade into nothingness.

She called out again, this time louder.

What if she was alone? What if he hadn't made it?

A brush of leaves made her snap her head around and her heart jump.

She sighed in relief.


He ran towards her.

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

She only managed to nod.

He touched her shoulder in a comforting manner. It made her have a few more flashes of the previous night. He had pulled her by the hand while all members of the crew ran around trying to keep the ship steady. Some of the young sailors panicked and started jumping into the water. There were unintelligible yells along with the loud sound of the storm. Wind blew strong and she had to duck in order to escape from a falling… something.

"It's going to be okay," he said, taking her back into reality. "I'll make sure of it."

She held back tears. "We are stranded… I remember we were in the middle of the open ocean…"

"Let's deal with this one problem at a time." He looked around. "First we need to find out where we are."

She squinted to see past the bright sun blurring her sight.

"See that?" Marcus asked, his voice rising in hope.

"Is t-that a-a…"

He smiled. "A bridge. Maybe there's civilization here." He took her hand. "Come on."

As she ran closer, her heart pumped faster.

"It's connecting to another island!" he yelled.

When they stepped on it, the wooden planks jumped and moaned. Most of them twisted to dangerous angles. It looked old.

They stopped on the other side, their breathing coming fast, either from the running or from the mix of feelings.

There was nothing. Just more sand and palm trees. Not even a road connected to the bridge.

Both shared looks. Maybe with some more exploring.

And that's what they did.

They walked and ran and looked around. There were no paths. Just trees, bushes, birds, sand and grass.

They decided to follow the beach.

The sight they met wasn't the most promising.

She stepped closer.

It was the ship they had been sailing. She could see the name on what was left of the hull.

The beach was full of things that had washed up from the shipwreck.

This wasn't what she had planned for her big trip. Sail the ocean and find new land. Settle on a beautiful new continent full of promises of success and riches. There were tales of mountains of gold, mines of precious stones and towns growing at the rate of progress.

Not this.

Not this.

Marcus stepped towards the ocean, his eyes far away and his mind contemplative.

Maybe he was thinking the same. Maybe he had a similar story.

She didn't know his story. She barely knew him.

He continued to stare.

Maybe he was forming a plan. Maybe he knew a way out.

He wandered even farther.

She couldn't see him anymore past the tall grass.

She didn't know what to do. Should she follow him?

She was afraid of being alone on the beach. On this island. Her impulse was to run towards him and stay close.

But maybe he wanted some time on his own. Maybe he needed to gather his thoughts.

Again, she found herself fighting back tears.

She decided to slowly walk towards him. That way, if he needed to be alone for a while, she wouldn't disturb him.

There were crates around. Still washing up the beach.

She looked away to the horizon.

There was only ocean. Sometimes she saw the dark smudge of a crate floating around.

Marcus looked at the crates intently and then up to the sky. It was near midday already.

She thought about simpler days, of a time she lived off the land and helped her family. She thought of harsh winters and starvation.

She missed home. Or what home had been. Before everything happened.Before she had been left all alone in the world.Before a cruel fate had taken her family.

Maybe Marcus was thinking the same. Maybe he missed his family too.

She barely knew anything about him. Just a young sailor that had saved her life.Just a young man that had taken care of her.

She looked up but this time not to see the sky. This time she looked up to wonder why things like this happened.

When she looked back down, Marcus had wandered behind the rocks. She followed.

What she saw made her heart jump.

A sign of civilization!

Marcus looked back at her with a faint smile. She smiled back.

They decided to go around the bridge again in order to reach the rocky cliff instead of risking going into the water.

It was a long way around.

She could see the small tower in between the trees. It looked old. Very old. She felt a cold feeling grow in her stomach.

They slowly walked closer to it, listening intently with each step, hoping to hear something to indicate the place wasn't abandoned.

There was nothing other than the sound of the jungle.

"I'm going up," Marcus said.

She nodded even though he wasn't looking. "Be careful."

"What do you see?" Amelia asked when he reached the top.

Marcus turned a full three hundred and sixty degrees. "There's another tower. It seems like a watch tower."

He jumped to another rock. "It doesn't seem to be anyone inside." He walked a few steps. "And there is another wrecked ship lodged between the rocks."

"Can you see around? Is there anything on the horizon?" she asked, hopeful.

His silence concerned her.

When he turned around, his face said everything she needed to know.

He climbed back down.

"We need fire wood. It's getting dark," he said while he brushed his hands on his clothes. "Let's go back near our shipwreck. Maybe we can find something we can use to make it through the night."

She only nodded.

By nightfall they had gathered only a few supplies. Marcus managed to make a spear and then got a fire going.

Meanwhile, Amelia used her creativity to get a makeshift hammock going and also managed to drag a barrel near it to use it as a surface.

They were only halfway through, though.

They would need to spend the night out on the open and her stomach was rumbling.

Luckily, fishing wasn't a problem for her.

It didn't take long until they had several fish ready for cooking.

And they weren't that bad.

At least, they weren't hungry anymore.

But they were exhausted. She yawned.

Marcus presented her with a blanket he had managed to recover and kept another one for himself.

"We'd better leave the fire going to keep wild animals away," he said while grabbing his spear and lying under the blanket with it on one hand. "Don't worry. I'm a light sleeper."

For some reason, she trusted him.

Onwards to Days 2 and 3
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